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Stipe Mesic, former President of Croatia

“This is a brilliant method. After a single treatment I feel ready for new political achievement. It is a question of renewing your personal energy. When you accumulate enough of it you feel great. I do not feel my age.”

Jill McMillan, Director Leadership and Development, Merrill Lynch UK

“E Rejuvenation should be a part of every leader’s toolkit. It automatically brings you perspective and the ability to see the bigger picture, which in our frenzied world, where the key focus is often very short-term, can be invaluable.”

Dominic Simpson, Director Global Licensing Sales, Financial News UK

“We have seen a spike in revenue that has continued since the two week program started. Each team member has achieved over 100% of their target, which essentially is last year’s book of business, plus 6%.”

Douglas Grays, owner, Dukes of London UK

“Since using E Rejuvenation I have found that both my physical and mental energy has increased. Work has improved and I have had the best creative business ideas for years. Everyone around me including my wife has seen a positive change in my life and I would strongly recommend anyone with a busy stressful life to give it a try. E Rejuvenation has won over this cynic! “

Peter van Kol, CEO, Adria Media Zagreb Croatia

“I have achieved amazing health results. This program also helped me in business and leading people, and inspired me to create a unique concept for a brand new lifestyle magazine – ‘Sensa’. It is a great health-prevention, team-building, education and incentive program – all in one, and I highly recommend it.”

Marko Pipunić, owner, Žito, Croatia – the first company in the world that placed ERC as part of its company culture

“This is necessary for my workers. For our people, we care for them in a different way, not just a onetime visit to three days of seminars and training. With the ER program we want to ensure the health and general wellbeing – the psycho-physical state – of our employees. I expect that this goal will be achieved, because we want to be the preferred company, in which everyone will want to work. If we achieve this, we will be champions.”

“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy”

― Lao Tzu

The changes after 10 treatments


Concentration: better

Response to stress: decreased

Capacity for work: increased

General activity: increased

Communication: improved

Breathing: easier

Creativity: increased

Digestion: improved

Urination: improved

PMS problems: reduced

Previous pain: gone

Skin problems: improved

Eyesight: improved

“This study was conducted over a period of two years under the supervision of prof dr Dragutin Kosuta, and the program has been officially endorsed by the Croatian Medical Association’s Society for Stress Medicine”


Better sleeping

is directly connected with improving a person’s energy, which in turn decreases the negative effects of stress, that otherwise creates the sleeping problems.