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E Rejuvenation program is efficient way for Increasing workplace productivity and reducing sick leave cost
Increasing workplace productivity,improving productivity, sick leave cost

Increasing workplace productivity

Increasing workplace productivity

Posted by ERadmin in Productivity, Update 03 Sep 2013


How sick leave costs U.K employers billions of pounds annually


A report released by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) an international accountancy firm has shown that sick leave days given to U.K employees costs about £29 billion annually. It also showed that British workers take up to four times as many days off than rival economies. It found U.K workers have an average of 9.1 sick days each year, nearly double the number workers in the U.S take (4.9 days) and four times more than Asia pacific (2.1 days). The Western Europe average is 7.3 days.

Sick Leave Sick leave is a significant burden on British businesses. A PwC HR leader Jon Andrews advices companies particularly SMEs to come up with ways to address the welfare of their employees especially as regards to their health care to avoid employee absence caused by cases of sickness. This is so because cases of employee absence due to sickness always have a crippling effect on SMEs. A study of 2,500 U.K businesses showed that sick leave accounts for up to 90% of a company’s absence bill, which also includes absentees such as compassionate leave and industrial action. It found that while U.K employees are taking fewer unscheduled absence days than two years ago (9.8 days in 2013 compared to 10.1 days in 2011), the number of sick days has risen (9.1 days in 2013, compared to 8.7 days in 2011), as well as the associated cost of staff sickness. Sick days now account for £28.8 billion of the UK’s overall £31.1 billion absence bill.

Improving productivity


It is now a confirmed reality that having healthy staff in your organization leads to lower absenteeism, improved productivity, improved morale and increased retention. Good health in your business works in increasing workplace productivity. If employees are in a good state of health they will contribute to successful performance and consequently this will help in increasing workplace productivity.

Healthy employees ensure a company stays profitable. In today’s competitive business environment, more than ever before, organizations need healthy and motivated employees in to compete successfully.

Improving your staff’s health and well-being is therefore critical to looking after your organization. Self-awareness can reduce absenteeism. Women and hormonal health which is not normally discussed publicly can be a true cause of absenteeism through lack of knowledge, awareness and understanding. Empowering women to deal with this problem will enable them to progress at work thereby improving productivity.

Provision of sick pay to your employees is a noble idea and a worthwhile investment too. This is so because now your employees perhaps who fall ill get the opportunity to get medical attention in time so that no time is wasted by the employees due lack of funds to pay for their medical bills. It has also been found that employers who maintain a healthy workplace can reduce staff absence and boost productivity. The report, work and wellbeing, aims to promote healthier working and help union, health and safety representatives identify causes of staff illness within their workplace. This will go a long way in increasing workplace productivity.

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