E Rejuvenation | How It Works for Individuals and Companies
The E Rejuvenation program is the solution – packed in a luxurious, enjoyable, educative and result-driven experience – for Individuals and for Companies.
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E Rejuvenation for Individuals

The E Rejuvenation program is designed specifically for people who have a demanding lifestyle. Over time, the amount of energy they spend on a daily basis has a negative impact on their wellbeing and overall state of health.
Successful people have a natural ability to overcome their weaknesses – emotional, mental and physical. Their life achievements give them the feeling they are invulnerable; of course, this is not the case.
With the passing of time, with everyday problems, stress, health issues and the aging process – our vital energy drops. Highly driven individuals are not used to being in helpless situations, and so eventually when they start to develop problems they cannot fix, then bigger problems soon start to happen.
The E Rejuvenation program is the solution – packed in a luxurious, enjoyable, educative and result-driven experience – it produces the results people need and quite simply, it just works.

Some benefits for individuals


It affects a range of indicators in the following ways:

  • lowers stress levels
  • increases concentration
  • enhances working capacity
  • improves motivation
  • clears the mind
  • sharpens intuition
  • boosts creativity and innovation
  • makes working under high pressure easier, whilst facing and solving problems
  • leads to achieving better results in a shorter period of time, whilst maintaining a higher level of health
Health and wellbeing:

Physical health
It removes stress related health problems such as:

  • high/ low blood pressure
  • pains (like back pain, headaches, migraines, chronic pains, etc)
  • allergies
  • insomnia
  • tension, panic attacks
  • hormonal problems
  • boosts the immune system
  • speeds up cell regeneration
  • increases physical strength
  • provides more life energy for all life activities

Emotional/ mental health
It releases negative emotions/ feelings/ mental patterns like:

  • depression and fear
  • angriness and nervousness
  • sadness and a lack of self-confidence
  • anxiety and confusion
  • worry and grief

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

- Galileo Galilei


E Rejuvenation for Companies

Hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated the link between employee engagement and work performance. One of the most critical factors affecting work engagement is personal wellbeing.
In 2008, PWC UK published a report entitled ‘Building the case for wellness’, proving that companies that invested in wellbeing programs for their employees got a huge ROI; it showed that for every “£1 spent the organisation recovered £4.17 in program benefits”.
When you feel great, you work well and you enjoy success.
Some benefits for corporations:

  • a boost for profits (increasing working efficiency, productivity, motivation and creativity, etc., whilst no standard consequences from stress, for example, less work absenteeism due to sickness)
  • a boost in team performance levels (with high levels of motivation, committed to given responsibilities, focused on achieving goals, in a flexible and cooperative manner)
  • a boost for company image (“best place to work” – supportive, positive and creative workplace, etc.)

26 business owners who took part in an E Rejuvenation leadership course were asked if they achieved the goals they set out to reach by using the program:

  • 73.1% achieved their goals in full
  • 15.4% partially achieved their goals
Inspired workers


72% of people have difficulty focussing on more than one thing at a time
64% of people frequently feel irritable, impatient, and anxious at work

ER provides extraordinary leadership visible through:

  • improved performance levels
  • higher motivation
  • better commitment to given responsibilities
  • more focus and clarity whilst achieving goals
  • higher productivity, assertiveness and responsibility
  • more confidence, dynamism and determination
  • greater innovativeness
  • better team collaboration
  • high spirit